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In search for artistic, financial, and social stability for modern ensemble-based practices, From the Ground Up interviews theatre makers from collaboratively creative companies from around the world about how their art is made and paid for. 

It started with a question: “is ensemble-based work sustainable?” Through interviews with ensembles across the country, we get down to what models, strategies, and practices for each collaboratively creative company work for them. Each interview is distributed by HowlRound Theatre Commons. Full transcripts can be found at HowlRound.com. Full podcasts are available for download via Apple or Google Play stores.

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Recent Release

"Opening the National Theatre's Doors to Devised Work

with Stewart Pringle

National Theatre of London
London, Eng.

Select Episodes

Civic-Minded and Morally Guided Practices with Michael Rohd

The job of the facilitator, the logic of shared leadership, and how it all translates to directing a process. Michael Rohd stands at the forefront of ensemble-based practices equipped with questions about how we create the future that we want to be working in socially, civically, and artistically. Join us as we unpack and define what’s next.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Resident Theatre Company: UNIVERSES

Alison Carey, formerloy of OSF, and Mildred Ruiz-Sapp and Steven Sappo, co-founders and artistic dierctors of UNIVERSES, discuss putting ensemble producers inside a major producing entity and the capcity necessary for things to fall into place.

For full transcripts of any episode, please visit HowlRound.

S3E10 Opening the Theatre’s Doors to Devised Work Stewart Pringle of the National Theatre of London (ENG)
S3E09 Ontroerend Goed’s Participatory Metaphors Alexaner Devriendt, Artistic Director at Ontroerend Goed (NL)
S3E08 SoulWork and Soul Searching Dr. Cristal Chanelle Truscott of Progress Theatre
S3E07 Turning City Council Meetings into Performance Mallory Catleett & Aaron Landsman, co-authors/creators of The City We Make Together: City Council Meetings Primer for Participation
S3E06 Looking for Another Way Playwright & Director Karen Malpede of Theatre Three Collaborative
S3E05 Philanthropies, Foundations, and Boards (Oh, Wow) Ben Cameron of the Jerome Foundation
S3E04 Ensemble as Contemporary Commentary Miranda Wright of Los Angeles Performance Practice
S3E03 A Living History of Ensemble Theatre (or Bob Leonard’s Ensemble Encyclopedia) Bob Leonard, co founder of the Network of Ensemble Theatres & Alternate Roots
S3E02 Maintaining Connections from the Hyperlocal to the International Jennifer Johnson & Carlos Uriona of Double Edge Theatre
S3E01 What Ensemble Touring Can Learn from Dance Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, founder, chief visioning partner, and MacArthur Genius at Urban Bush Women
S2E08 Connecting Collaborative Passion to a Natoinal Network Mara Isaacs, Tony Award Winning Producer of Octopus Theatricals
S2E07 Fiscal Sponsorship and the Path to Non-Profit Status Colleen Hughes, Associate Director of Programming at Fractured Atlas
S2E06 Growth Through Touring and Tension David Catlin, Founder, Ensemble Member, and Former Artistic Director of Lookingglass Theatre Company 
S2E05 Civic-Minded and Morally-Guided Practices Michael Rohd from the Center for Performance and Civic Practice
S2E04 Oregon Shakepeare Festival’s Resident Ensemble Theatre: UNIVERSES Alison Carey, formerly of Oregon Shakespeare; Mildred Ruiz-Sapp & Steven Sapp, Co-Founders and Artistic Directors of UNIVERSES
S2E03 Process Performacnes and the Completion Commission Rachel Dickstein, Artistic Director of Ripe Time
S2E02 Funding the Regional-Ensemble Producing Model Olga Garay-English, Founding Program Director for the Arts at Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
S2E01 Patricia Garza A Roadmap for the Ensemble-Regional Producing Model
S1E15 How You Make/What You Make Kirk Lynn, Co-Producing Artistic Dierctor at The Rude Mechanicals
S1E14 Blurriness and Fragmentation Julia Rhoads, Artistic Director at Lucky Plush Productions
S1E13 No Screens Ariel Fristoe of Out Of Hand Theatre
S1E12 The Aesthetic Fingerprint Quinn Bauriedel, Co-Founder of Pig Iron Theatre Company
S1E11 The Living Ticket Model Heather Cohn and Corinna Schulenberg of Flux Theatre Ensemble
S1E10 The Audience Ensemble Rachel Grossman and Colin K. Bills of dog & pony dc
S1E09 Creatoin is a Personal Thing (And So Is Your Grant) Quita Sullivan of New England Foundation for the Arts
S1E08 After Careful Consideration (We Went With Another Project) Lindsay Puckett, MD of Medical College of Wisconsin
S1E07 Talking Sustainability Leda Hoffmann of Strawdog Theatre Company
S1E06 That Blue Sky Stephanie McKee of Junebug Productions
S1E05 Invited to be Family Michaela Petro of Strawdog Theatre
S1E04 Sustaining/Passion Ova Saopeng of TeAda Productions
S1E03 The Challenges of Challenging Work Emily K. Harrison of square product theatre
S1E02 Putting a value on the Work and Putting the Work in the Community Coya Paz of Free Street Theater
S1E01 Ensemble Dynamics and Rural Physical Theatre Michael Fields of Dell’Arte International